Tips For California Wine Tasting

Enjoy the Rolling Vineyards of Napa Valley, napa wine tastingJust 1 Hour Away!

The Crowne Plaza Concord – Walnut Creek Hotel is less than an hour’s drive from beautiful Napa Valley Wine Country! We have created some great wine tasting tips to fully enjoy this Northern California experience to its fullest! The key to Napa wine tasting is enjoy the wine and who you are experiencing it with.

  • Step 1: Don’t overfill your glass. The wine is served in a large glass and filled a quarter of the way for a reason. The wine needs room to “breathe” while you are enjoying the aroma and flavor.
  • Step 2: Hold the glass at an angle in front of a light or light-colored surface to look at the color. Each glass of wine, whether red or white, each varietal will have a distinct color based on its contents.
  • Step 3: Swirl the glass in your hand or on a hard surface creating the wine to move in circling motion. In doing this, air draws into the wine and creates a stronger aroma of the wine.
  • Step 4: Smell the wine. Don’t be afraid to sniff strongly! Considering that the smell receptors are at the top of your nose, people often “snort” while smelling the wine. Your nose and smelling sense is an integral part of taste, so smelling stimulates the palate!
  • Step 5: Sip away! Put a small amount of wine in your mouth and let the flavors move across your tongue. Some people swish the wine around like mouthwash to intensify the flavor.
  • Step 6: Pay attention to aftertaste! Don’t take a sip one after the other. Stop and enjoy the aftertaste of the wine once it is gone. The flavors that are left behind
    often help point out the wine’s unique flavor.
  • Step 7: Repeat!

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