Travel Tips from our Management Team!

Staff Q&A: Concord Travel Tips from Bay Area Experts!

lodging in concord ca1. What’s your favorite favorite dish at Vineyards and a secret “insider tip” at the Crowne Plaza Concord?

The Buffalo Wings & Garlic Fries are a must-try! An insider tip: you can’t beat our Happy Hour food & drink prices!

2. What Concord activities do you recommend to visitors?

My top three “must-sees” would be Waterworld, Farmers Market/Downtown, & Music in the Park. 

hotels near walnut creek3. Where is the best place to get dinner and drinks near Concord, besides Vineyards Chop House. 

The Tower Grille, EJ Phair, & La Piñata are great restaurants. Jack’s in Pleasant Hill is also delicious! 

4. If you only had one day to spend in Concord, what would you do?

Hike at Mt. Diablo, then enjoy dinner & drinks at Todos Santos Plaza. I’d wrap-up the day with a movie at Solano Drive-In.

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